WATCH: Melaleuca CEO announces proposed medical billing legislation to Idaho lawmakers

Frank VanderSloot presents legislation initiatives to visiting legislators

Frank VanderSloot spoke to dozens of Idaho lawmakers at Melaleuca Global Headquarters Monday night and announced proposed changes to medical billing laws.

VanderSloot is proposing that healthcare providers cannot collect on medical debt unless:

  • Within 30 days of service, health care providers have submitted all bills to the patient’s insurance plan.
  • Within 30 day of service, health care providers have provided notice of services rendered (not a bill) to the patient and healthcare facility where services were provided.
  • Within 60 days of service, the health care facility where services were rendered provides a consolidated notice to the patient with the names and contact information of all healthcare providers.
  • The health care provider has sent a final bill (after insurance company has paid its share) to the patient that clearly states what is still owed by the patient.

VanderSloot is also proposing that rules regarding attorney fees in medical cases should incentivize collection of debts in small claims court and prohibit excessive fees.