Idaho Medical Debt in the News

June 12, 2019, Post Register
VanderSloot says legal fund helping 102 debtors

June 11, 2019, Post Register
$439 hospital bill leads to two-year legal battle with Medical Recovery Services

June 10, 2019, East Idaho News
VanderSloot reveals ‘egregious’ medical debt collection practices, says fund will cover at least 102 cases

May 16, 2019, East Idaho News
Why some eastern Idahoans are being served, arrested and sometimes jailed over medical debt

May 02, 2019, CNBC (National News)
Billionaire unveils fund to defend people from medical-debt collectors

April 29, 2019, East Idaho News
Medical Recovery Services drops request for attorney fees from Melaleuca employee

April 28, 2019, Post Register (editorial)
It’s time for debt collection reform

April 26, 2019, Idaho Statesman
Her baby died at 2 days old. Now she can’t escape hospital bills and debt collectors.

April 25, 2019, East Idaho News
WATCH: Frank VanderSloot on why he wants to protect people against the ‘aggressive, ruthless tactics’ of medical debt collectors

April 25, 2019, East Idaho News
Attorney Bryan Smith responds to Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot

April 25, 2019, Idaho Statesman
Idaho’s richest man pledges to fight debt collection firm led by GOP activist

April 25, 2019, Post Register
VanderSloot commits $500K to represent medical debtors