How Medical Recovery Services takes care of business

MRS, medical debt collection in Idaho Falls, ID

IDAHO FALLS — It’s easy to vilify a medical debt collector.

Threatening collection letters, phone calls, lawsuits, wage garnishments and attorney’s fees are things no one wants to deal with. And yet, not everyone’s experience with debt collection is a bad one.

Good experiences

Bruce Herker of Rexburg says Medical Recovery Services sued him, and the overall experience was good.

“They were very gracious to us. They were very informative,” Herker says. “I just think it’s interesting that everybody’s up in arms that these people are such bad people when, in reality, they aren’t.”

His debt collection saga began years ago when he went to the doctor. Herker says he never got a bill and before he knew it, MRS was contacting him for payment.

He went back to the doctor’s office, and a worker told him they had tried to resolve the bill but were unable to track Herker down.

“I’ve lived in the same house 23 years. I’ve had the same phone number in the phone book for 35. I hadn’t changed a thing,” Herker says.

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